When I was 11 years old, I was finally beginning to understand the wars in the world. I was accepting everything I learned, but was deeply troubled by how a child my age would feel if her dad was in war. I began to have great empathy and love for the soldiers who had gone to war. So as a young-spirited 11 year old-girl, I decided to write a song. I never thought it would

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really turn into a "real" song; but after 2 years of hard work a song was created. After another 2 years of practice, experience and A TON of hard work, the song is now known as "Daddy Come Home".

    The thought of losing your dad in war is just inconceivable. My Christmas dream this year is that those little kids will hear this song and know that someone cares, and that our soldiers will not be forgotten. Many of our hero's go into war, die and are forgotten. Therefore, I want to give each of those families a plaque with a picture of their hero, and a tribute to their heroic life. In order to raise the money for the plaques, we are selling a CD of this song. Half of the profit will go to the "Daddy Come Home" Foundation, that we established. The foundation will purchase the plaques, and get them to the families. We can't forget our hero's. Nor can we forget those children. It makes me heart-broken to think about the children who won't have their dad home for Christmas this year.


    Please help me by buying this CD, and pass the word to all of your friends.